Hi James, Thanks for your thoughts and r…

Hi James,
Thanks for your thoughts and reply. Yes I have heard complaints about Netflix too! Actually, I was having issues with my internet Friday and over the weekend and in calling up my internet provider they said it was because they were understaffed and the servers were overloaded and they were having issues managing the demands on the internet services. One thing, as you mention, that may come of this is that we are all going to experience and benefit from vast improvements in our internet providers and infrastructure with the increases in capacity and broadband capabilities which will continue to serve us and improve operations in all respects after this pandemic is over.

I wonder even, if the experience is going to teach people to be more conservative in how they use technology and how to be sustainable with it? When things don’t work so well or we run out of data or have issues with service because of overuse will the experience teach us to be more thoughtful in how we are using our internet and technology and maybe learn to be more selective and discerning of what we use and how(much) we use it? I think the situation we are going through is going to open up a lot of conversations in this area about best practices.