Hi Janna, it is apparent that you are pa…

Hi Janna, it is apparent that you are passionate about animals, specifically dogs. You venture is focused on addressing the current issues, but as an EVA, I would need more information about the venture before I can decide whether it is feasible. How much is the course, how long is the course, how is the course different from competitors, if any? I am concerned with an online course, the venture has not addressed how it will ensure the student is accountable for what they have learned. Through the video taping of activities, how will the students gain feedback or know how to improve their skills. They will have to wait how long to receive feedback. Could the venture expand on real-time assessment/training opportunities. The safety of the animals is also a concern of mine. This venture has a lot to consider, such as different jurisdiction rules/policies as well as legal and insurance issues with training on animals. Thank you for showing me there is a need for more care and the value of dog trainers, but more information is needed before an investment can be considered.

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