Hi Jess. Sigh — just watching your vide…

Hi Jess. Sigh — just watching your video has given me a highly restorative zen moment! I love anything that gets kids outside and into nature. This is so critical for so many reasons that I know we all know. I like that you have a crisp definition of the problem and solution, and also that you’ve thought through your monetization with a B2C pricing model for trials/promotions/conversion. I like that you’ve put your own ‘skin in the game’ with your personal investment of $23,000 (that means you believe in the product and potential). Your ask of $88,000 is quite reasonable just in terms of total dollars. What I’d like more information on is the competition and differentiators as I know many LBS game makers have nature oriented offerings incorporating GPS/AR/VR. Also, have no doubt that the market size is huge. Insight into your use of proceeds and team, and how this team is going to get the product to market and monetized. I think you’re on to something here and with some more information, you will likely succeed in your efforts to raise capital.

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