Hi Jesse, Thanks for sharing this ventur…

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for sharing this venture, it’s really neat. I need to qualify my review here by sharing the fact that I am not a classroom teacher and don’t have a lot of experience with LMS beyond Connect – this is because I am both a student at UBC and a faculty member. My previous experiences at university were all “old school” pen and paper affairs.

I’m really interested in your venture, in that it leverages devices that students already have. I thought your pitch was well developed, and your understanding of the market was strong! However I think your venture possibly makes an unfair assumption that students have devices that they can exclusively use to access the platform. In our community I see many students at the post-secondary level from poorer communities without smartphones, laptops and tablets. Students like this tend to borrow laptops from our library each day and return them at night. They are using public libraries to complete their homework because they do not have internet at home. Until the issue of equity in device ownership can be assured, I am fairly uncomfortable with investing in a venture like this.

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