Hi Jesse! Thanks so much for you venture…

Hi Jesse! Thanks so much for you venture pitch! I can associate with your pitch because our school is undergoing a lot of infrastructure changes including the implementation of a new 1-to-1 program in the Middle School and a new LMS for the entire school. There are a couple points in your pitch that I would like to address and offer some constructive feedback. First of all, in terms of your competition, there is an LMS that is quite similar to your concept called Edsby. The interface of Edsby is similar to Facebook, it has course management functions similar to Edmodo, and its pricing structure is around $5 per student per year. You may want to check out their website and YouTube videos. Secondly, when talking about a software based, device agnostic, cost effective and highly mobile tool for the classroom, one cannot deny the presence of Google Apps for Education. Many of the functions that you mentioned could be handled using a combination of their free and integrated tools. It would have been interesting to see how you would position SchoolBook to a GAFE school.

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