Hi Jessica, I think this is a strong ven…

Hi Jessica, I think this is a strong venture pitch. Your pitch was very well laid out and I was engaged the whole time I was reviewing your website. Mainly being, you kept building up to the abilities of your final product. At first, I was thinking…Google already has google classroom for class orginization. Google already has hangouts for video calling. At first I was doubtful. However, when you explained all the capabilities of G-Interact, such as why it would serve as a good investment, and how it ties together with other google applications makes this a powerful product. Google is already a popular name and having users access this additional application makes google even more of a favourite.

The only problem I see foresee (if this were real) is being able to use google as an educational tool with Canadian students. I’m not sure about Newfoundland however, in BC we are unable to use google classroom due to student privacy concerns as data is stored in the USA. I’ve heard there are ways around it, however using a similar product under a different name may sit better with Canadian school districts as they would be the top market audience.

Nonetheless, the pitch was excellent and I would invest!