Hi Jessica. I thought your presentation…

Hi Jessica. I thought your presentation was clean, well paced and ticked the required boxes. You identified your target market, thoroughly outlined the current market potential for educational apps and clearly indicated how your product varied from its competitors. I was particularly impressed with how you linked your product to new curricular requirements in BC and in turn highlighted the investment opportunities presented by implementation funding for this curriculum change. You kept my attention throughout both the elevator and venture pitches and I understood what you were trying to sell and why.

An area that stood out for me where I wished there was a bit more data was how your requested funding of $88,000 would be utilized. While you mention changes such as expanding your app to the android platform and becoming associated with a citizen science site, it wasn’t exactly clear how this would occur – maybe acquiring and maintaining new development and marketing/PR staff? I also wonder if your app was disruptive enough to the current market. While you clearly mention that it combines all the features of existing apps in one package, is the convenience of not having to use two apps enough to differentiate your product? Is there another element that currently does not exist that could be included, perhaps the ability to connect/disseminate the images, video and data collected with your app with others via social media or YouTube (although I recognize the FOIPPA concerns with this)?

I thought you did a very good job overall and appreciated how concise and well produced your pitches were! Thanks, Jon Nilson.

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