Hi Jessica, Very nice presentation! I li…

Hi Jessica,

Very nice presentation! I like that the problem you are solving is critical with the current global health pandemic. The demo on the features of G-interact is very interesting. Below are some questions I had after watching your elevator pitch. Do you have the skills to realize your product? What is your interest in solving this problem? Something about your background would have provided me with answers to these questions. Also, how is the market? Information on how many teachers are currently looking for interactive platforms to teach and maintain a supportive relationship with their students would be a good sell point.
Your background on the page about the G-Interact team provides information about your skills and your interest in G-Interact. A bit of this information in the elevator pitch would help to catch investors’ attention straight from the pitch.
The venture concept, the marketability, and the venture plan do a substantial job in presenting the problem and the solution with detailed features. As a potential investor, I couldn’t figure out how G-interact would make a benefit. I understand that Google is a company that generates lots of revenue, however, that is on their products. I did not see the possible market demand for G-Interact that would convince investors that G-suite users will buy G-Interact. I guess something like the number G-suite users or the number of people in need or already using technologies that provide them with similar service as G-Interact would have help.

I thoroughly enjoy reviewing your work. It gave me insights I would use to enhance my venture. Thank you!