Hi jgourley. Good pitch, but i’m not su…

Hi jgourley. Good pitch, but i’m not sure of the viability of the solution. Are there regulations or regulatory bodies that would need to be consulted? For instance, certified training; for workers in industries like telecommunications or manufacturing; or is there a limit to the type of training or industries that this product is designed for? Is there a government requirement to pay employees for initial training? Perhaps the model should be, the hiring company pays us, and we pay the person being recruited (for a profit). I would also like to see a software engineer added to your team to show you have the capability to do what you claim. I don’t think $250,000 is enough money to get you started. It is probably more in the $2,000,000 range, and I am not sure how much money I could make. I am on the fence as far as investing now, but if these items are addressed, I would definitely consider investing my imaginary money and consulting services in the future.

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