Hi Johnny, I think language immersion is…

Hi Johnny,

I think language immersion is a great way to reflect the benefits of Mathlandia; the name for your venture makes perfect sense. I enjoyed your pitch videos. They were compelling and persuasively convey your venture. I would only suggest that you put yourself in the video, at least at the beginning, to establish better authenticity and to better express your championship. I would also suggest less words per slide. I found it a bit overwhelming and found myself ignoring the text to pay attention to you. This resource lists some suggestions such as advice on how many words/messages per slide, which I found very helpful:

With my EVA hat on, I believe Mathlandia would be a smart investment. Math was boring for me in school and not my strength. It is a common problem and you do a great job explaining why. Take math out of a real world context and it is like trying to learn a language in a classroom. I definitely think that using MR to make math learning more hands on and authentic through role-play can transform math learning, even more than GBL, and would be a smart investment.