Hi Jon, Elevator pitch is crisp and to t…

Hi Jon,
Elevator pitch is crisp and to the point. Really loved the presentation.
Venture pitch contained all the required elements. You have done a great job!
You mention why you believe this product would solve a certain problem for basketball players, but if you think of the investment each player has to make,especially buying VR headset, do you think that is feasible in 2017? It took smartphones couple of years before they became mainstream, even if VR headsets do become mainstream, I think it is ambitious to expect that to happen next year. Now, if you expect basketball learners to buy VR headsets just for this particular app, I do not think that is very feasible. So although your product has potential, you need to do financial planning to sustain yourself for the years when the VR headsets will take time to go mainstream. One thing you can do is to partner with VR headset manufacturers. They can use your app to promote it to customers, and you can get your share to sustain yourself till the numbers start picking up.

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