Hi Joshua. Liked the creative touch for…

Hi Joshua. Liked the creative touch for the elevator pitch by actually filming it in an elevator – made me chuckle. I like the idea of Go+here, that creates an immersive experience modelled off of Pokemon Go to add to a tourist’s experience. Your slogan, “Always in the gift shop” is catchy and will be attractive to potential buyers. The idea that it is tailored to the user based on language, reading level and desired focus, using a game based approach is attractive but sounds like a lot of work for Zander, thus the two million asking price from the investor. Your two pronged approach to promotion is excellent and your stats on user experience are very positive. Being first to the market, you have an advantage and your detailed description of your competition and good knowledge of where Go+here fits in the market is attractive. A couple of questions – have you secured a big client yet? Where did you get your user experience data? All in all, a well researched venture pitch and I would invest a portion of $2 million if I had the money.

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