Hi Joyce, great catch!   I was impr…

Hi Joyce, great catch!


I was impressed by the professional credentials of the founders for the venture you selected.  Kenny Ma’s LinkedIn profile states that he Grew IGN’s Mobile engineering team from scratch and launched 5 mobile products in 6 months.  That is an impressive accomplishment.  But I was most impressed by his work as a young entrepreneur.  He created a social media and online entertainment portal for the Vietnamese American community at the age of 17.  Finding a way to use technology for such a niche market, and one that was probably being underserviced, is quite a skill.  I think it showed that he has the ability and drive to find solutions to communities that get left behind.  I think that makes him a good fit for LearnUp.


If anything Alexis Ringwald’s profile is even more impressive.  The thing that caught my eye was how she developed the idea of LearnUp.  She spent six months at unemployment centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area trying to learn exactly what was holding job seekers back amid the recession.  She created LearnUp as an educational platform to help job applicants learn about the job they are applying for, and to help them get an interview and get a job.  That is a clever use of technology. 


Overall, I think you selected two very good role-models for future entrepreneurs. 

Note: I think you might have forgotten to turn on the ranking system in your post, so I am unable to rank it. You might be able to edit you post and turn it on… I am not sure. Anyways, I would have given it a 5 / 5.

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