Hi Joyce, I really enjoyed watching your…

Hi Joyce, I really enjoyed watching your pitches. They were organized with all the relevant information presented in an interesting way. Your use of Powtoon was really effective. As a user of Articulate Storyline and Captivate, I really like the idea of having resources recommended to me. This would save educators a lot of time, however, making learning personalized does take a lot more time and I’m not sure you clearly addressed how this would be done in a shorter time frame. You mentioned the Personalized algorithm, but the content still needs to be created and/or curated. Setting up a personalized course would be difficult for the average educator, since most are not instructional designers or curriculum developers. I love the idea of ‘Choosing your own adventure story’, but you need to ensure that the material is presented in an engaging way to capture the students attention. Providing training for teachers could help address these issue.
As an investor, it was hard to visualize how your platform would be easier to use. Both Captivate and Articulate Storyline have a steep learning curve, so having a demo like Brenda mentioned would be useful. I would also question how the learner is being assessed on their learning, especially at a young age. eLearning tools typically provide quizzes or simulations, but applying the knowledge is usually missing or at a very surface level. How could educators integrate this software in their everyday classroom activities effectively, especially if every child is learning different things at different times? How can they bring it all together in an applied learning activity for all students to learn from? Creating more online learning courses/activities and leaving out the applied learning would be a hard sell in education nowadays, especially when many educational institutions are understanding the value of play and are now looking to develop MakerSpaces. Overall, a very well-thought out pitch, but I would need the above questions answered before investing.

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