Hi Joyce, I think you did a great job on…

Hi Joyce,
I think you did a great job on your elevator and venture pitch. The PowToon videos were clean and easy to follow – I did find the audio a bit of a challenge to understand, especially on the elevator pitch. Overall I think exploring personalized learning is great starting point for a venture. As you mentioned in your venture pitch personalized approaches maximize student learning. I think SAI has great potential and would be really successful in the classroom. My only concern about the product is that it allows students to select learning mediums. While we all learn better in certain ways I do think it is important that we explore a variety of mediums to strengthen our weaker areas. Allowing students to select, for example, a podcast every time will not help develop their reading skills. As an investor I worry about the pricing model. Many public schools have limited budgets and it may be a challenge for them to purchase the software – $1200 a year per class adds up pretty fast. I think discount pricing or incentive strategies for school boards may be key to success. I think there is still a bit of work to do but I would still invest in this start-up as I think it has tremendous potential and would be very beneficial to students.

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