HI Julie, From your elevator pitch I am…

HI Julie, From your elevator pitch I am not sure what the product is. The Elevator pitch needed to be 1 minute and the presentation no more than 8 minutes. I struggled with these issues as well but being concise was part of the challenge.
What device will teachers use to access the VR content, you are assuming that schools will have VR technology. My school doesn’t even have a student-use computer in every classroom, never mind a device for Virtual Reality. Cardboard needs a device with specific specs to work effectively, I’ve tried it and only some devices work well enough to make it worthwhile. We would have to purchase the right device for each cardboard unit. I am all for VR resources, I think it is the direction technology is heading. Will teachers be able to create their own resources or request the resources? How will your resources provided individualized learning? How will you predict what the needs of my class will be? I love the idea of a database of VR resources but I agree with the others that $100,000 would not get this project off the ground.

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