Hi Kendra, Great pitch! I like how right…

Hi Kendra,
Great pitch! I like how right at the beginning you gave an idea of the size of the market that Gradhat is targeting. The problem is clear and the solution is amazingly stated. You should also think of saying something about you that would give an idea of your skills and possibly the reason for your interest in solving this problem. It sends a signal to potential investors that you know your topic and you have what it gets to lead the venture.

As a potential investor, I looked in the venture for information such as the proportion, or the number of people that would need the service offered by GradHat to have an estimate of what could be the revenue. It is clear that the problem that Gradhat is solving exist and would change how people learn and develop professionally, however, information that would give an idea in terms of the revenue that GradHat would regenerate would facilitate a decision to invest. I enjoy reading your work.