Hi Kevin, like my colleague, I am unable…

Hi Kevin, like my colleague, I am unable to tell if this venture has been implemented and running for several years or if it was constructed for this course. You have done a lot of research and provided lots of information about the business and its concept. Breaking down the different layers of the business is useful. However, the venture is quite overwhelming with information that seems to be repeating itself and sometimes not consistent. The venture’s focus is for K-12 and post secondary education but it is seeking investment/buyers from corporate training. It would be helpful to have seen the ventures 1-3-5 year plan and which stage it currently is at. Unlike the other proposed venture, this venture seems to have been implemented for a while now. Courses provided are focused on inquiry-based teaching strategies, how is this applicable to corporate setting, if you are considering corporate investors? would they even know what inquiry-based is. I would also like to see a sample learning section of a course. What makes this PD opportunity different and unique? What exactly would an investment mean for me? What is the return? financially and for my institution. I would suggest to keep the site simplified with key selling points to hook potential investors.

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