Hi Laila, I agree with everyone else, yo…

Hi Laila, I agree with everyone else, you have thought of a great name. I also agree with the fact that the market is very small, which makes me hesitant to invest. It might be beneficial to open this program to undergraduates as well, but ensure that there is a definite filtering of the students level and subject. To ensure that the quality of the peer reviews are high, you might want to consider building in a reporting system that students could share with their instructors as part of their grade or perhaps providing instructors the ability to set up classes and track their students usage of this tool. It could be marketed as taking advantage of the Triad Approach to assessment, where there is a self-reflection, peer-review and teacher-feedback. Having it integrate into a LMS would be even more useful. The current peer-review tool in Blackboard or Canvas don’t have a global audience like yours does. Student are only able to review students in their own class. As well, the Blackboard tool is very clunky causing it be underutilized. These are things can that differentiate your product from others. It would also allow you to market the tool to LMS providers and not just educational institutions.

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