Hi Laila, Very creative idea. I apprecia…

Hi Laila,
Very creative idea. I appreciate the simplicity of the format and that it is easy to share/distribute. Overall I think your idea has potential. There are a number of post-graduate students out there and peer-review and feedback is very important in the learning process. With the said I think you may have limited your audience. Most post-graduate students are working on a thesis or dissertation which is very length and sometimes proprietary. It would be challenging to find someone willing to review such a large piece of work/ that you trust with your work product. I think targeting undergraduate students would likely me more successful, since there is a very large user base there and papers are smaller and less valuable. As an investor I’m not sure how profitable this venture would be. Institutions are only paying $2000 per year and many students are on a tight budget as will likely be unwilling to pay for submissions. For that reason I would not invest in this venture.

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