Hi Lane – I found every element of your…

Hi Lane –
I found every element of your piece to be polished and well thought out. The pain point that you identify is highly relatable for your audience. Your solution helps both teachers and students. One of the features that I found attractive was the support for student self-esteem through ensuring that all students are working with the same materials, but in a form and at a level that best supports them. This is a great example of the personalized learning trend already identified in our course. From an investors perspective, your team comes across a very well rounded and includes not only educational and software expertise, but the critical business know-how as well. It also appears that you have some fairly significant champions outside of your core team. Overall, the product seems quite nimble due to its dynamic materials, and the fact that it operates across multiple languages and platforms. I don’t work in K -12, so it is hard for me to assess the financials and whether the price point makes sense for your market, but in terms of the pitch itself your financials were well organized and easy to understand. Glad I had a chance to take a look!

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