Hi Laura. I like your idea. It is an on…

Hi Laura. I like your idea. It is an on line learning community for collaborating on and delivering French specific learning. This is likely a good “niche”. I like the combination of private and government funding, but I think you may need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. I would expect getting all regional stakeholders on board to adopt a nationwide tool by 2017 would be extremely difficult. A better strategy might be to get the funding you need to build your product, a combination of government investment and philanthropy, target a region (say Quebec or New Brunswick) and then grow your network over time. I think this could likely be done on a shoestring budget by customizing an open source platform like Moodle, rather than re-inventing the wheel. You could benefit from having a software analyst on your team to help with the technology architecture. All in all, good job.

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