Hi Marc, I think you’re on to something…

Hi Marc,

I think you’re on to something really good here! I love the idea behind your app, and the success of Pokemon Go is a strong indicator of how quickly AR apps can gain traction. I can definitely see the value for both educational and tourism sectors. I likes your talking head video for your elevator pitch – I think keeping it clean and simple kept my focus on you and what you had to say which was great, and also very professionally done which enhances your credibility. Your slide deck is also very well done, easy to follow and beautifully designed, again, supporting the professionalism and credibility of your venture. Your idea is well researched and I feel the emphasis on the future of the VR and AR markets are important in gaining buy-in for a tool of the future.

My main criticism would be that including print advertising in your marketing plan would be a bit off-putting as an investor as print advertising is pretty dead. I think some sort of experiential marketing tactic; using brand ambassadors and street teams, for example, with tablets to create buzz on the streets and give users a chance to actually experience it first-hand (and maybe download the app at that moment) could be a better use of your marketing dollars. I didn’t see anything regarding revenue generation, but I would assume there would be a cost to download the app? Or free with pop-up ads? Also, I did get a bit confused at the difference between CityLearn Ventures and Neighbourhood AR. Overall though, I am very impressed and would definitely consider investing in your venture.