Hi Marc, this was a really delightful ve…

Hi Marc, this was a really delightful venture pitch to read! I feel that you established yourself early on as someone credible that I would definitely consider investing in. I agree with some of the other comments that there could have been a little more pizzazz in your video, I think your venture pitch was very well laid out and addressed. One quick bit of feedback would be the length of the presentation- 31 slides would likely be challenging to fit into an 8 minute venture pitch. However, I thought your use of graphics and statistics was very thorough and it was obvious that you had done thorough research into the market. One thing that I was not too clear about was how CityLearn is different from the competitors that you mentioned- I was trying to evaluate what benefit there would be in investing in your idea vs. your competitors.

Another great selling point that I think you made was the collaboration with local non-profit organizations and businesses. I think this would be a very valuable approach and I am sure that you would get lots of buy-in from the neighbourhoods if you shared stories of these businesses.

Great job overall!