Hi Marshall and Ebru, Great site you hav…

Hi Marshall and Ebru,

Great site you have put together about 3D printing. The information was presented in an easily accessible and readable format. I have had a lot of experience working with 3D printers in and outside of the classroom and can definitely say I support the full use of 3D printing technology in almost any application of learning. The part I enjoyed about your website is the fact that you present positives and negatives of the technology, but were able to present it in a format where the negatives did not take away the shining points of the positive nature of the technology. In my opinion, what 3D printers boil down to in terms of being negative introductions to the classroom is startup costs. I’d also like to mention that a potential “pitfall” (if you can even call it that) to 3D printers in classrooms, especially in K-12 is inexperience. 3D printing and modelling is a whole new language, especially for individuals who have little to no experience in computer software, or technical aptitude. I’ve heard from many teachers in my school district and neighboring districts that their biggest push back against the technology is their fear to dive straight into the deep end and begin to learn a whole new subject. Contributing factors include age, subject area, comfort with technology and more but there are teachers that are unwilling or uncomfortable with putting the work in to learn all the ins and outs of the tech before applying it to their classroom and students. In my opinion, it takes the right mentor and possibly a tech liaison in the district to smooth out these fears, but to start up using 3D printing technology is not as daunting as one may think. Students these days, especially, are really keen to learn and have subtly become masters of Google. Otherwise, great website and guiding activities. The content demonstrates a wide variety of applications of 3D printing and provides enough insight into how to get started and why you would like to get started. Thanks!


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