Hi Matt, I couldn’t agree more with you…

Hi Matt,
I couldn’t agree more with you that the current educational system needs some tweaks to adapt to the global evolving economy. I like your idea to revolutionize the entire system of education. There are many things in education that such a venture could positively change. Being more precise on the problem and the solution will provide potential investors with ideas on how they could contribute to the venture and generate profit from their investment. The value of your venture that is providing users with what they need to learn is very appealing. Your venture is aiming at a very bid market. As regards to your elevator pitch, I like the idea because it has strong value, however, adding incentive information on the market, and precision on the problem MeLearn will solve would attract potential investors to ask for more details. Also, after listening to your pitch, I thought not all learners know what they want to know or learn and how to do so. Young people usually K-12 education are still figuring this out. Or maybe students would learn just about everything in the state’s curriculum with teachers that offer the best quality teaching and learning styles?
Your venture certainly got me thinking.