Hi Meril, At first I wondered why you’d…

Hi Meril,
At first I wondered why you’d choose audio for your elevator pitch, but now it all makes sense, because you’re talking about radio!
So basically you’re talking about shifting NPR from a content producer to something that hosts content to compete with the likes of Facebook? My Venture Pitch is sort of similar, but school-based so that it would forced upon students rather than them choosing it in their free time. The “#15 Girls” thing sounds really cool and maybe you should think more about producing more of this type of content, in partnership with the omnipresent 3 (Google, Apple, Facebook). Rather than trying to compete with them, why not just use them to spread the content NPR is creating, and have that content be more geared toward youth? I’m not sure what the 2-week window is that you’re referring to on p. 9, but I suppose the NPR people will? Lastly, I found each STIN a bit confusing on its own, but comparing the two gave the very clear message that the website is much more central in the “NPR Generation” one. They might work better if they’re presented side-by-side.

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