Hi Michael, Although, as some of the oth…

Hi Michael,
Although, as some of the other reviews have mentioned, I found that your pitch didn’t really convey the impression that I’d be looking for as an EVA, I do really like the concept behind YourText. Giving educators the power and control to integrate different texts and media forms to create a dynamic, fully customizable, digital “textbook” in a highly cost-effective manner is undeniably an interesting proposal. That said, the “openness” of YourText would present some major challenges with regards to licensing, copyright infringement, and plagarism, and as Gordon noted below, massive, well-rooted publishing companies (especially those who already have their toes in the digital publishing pond) would make it an uphill battle for you every step of the way. At the end of the day, I think YourText has potential as a concept, but think the business plan needs to be reworked for it to work logistically.

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