Hi Michael, Great Elevator and Venture P…

Hi Michael,
Great Elevator and Venture Pitch. In fact, I would consider investing in your venture. Your pitch covers most of the required details, like a plan in phases, market, competitor analysis. The only thing I would focus more on is You. The investors are interested in your venture , but they will ultimately invest in you/your team. So what is your expertise, who are you partnering with? These are the details I would focus a little bit more on.
One more thing, is there any reason why you are targeting the school districts for your product first? In my opinion, you should focus on organization training, as it is easier for organizations to roll out this kind of money for training purposes than a school. Later when your product has gained traction in the organizations, you can use it as a marketing tool to the schools/institutions and showcase that the students will get a greater feel of the actual professional world by using your product. You can also partner with eLearning organizations for targeting specific clients and provide VR training as service (My idea is, in fact, a service based e-learning venture.).
Please let me know if you want to discuss more.


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