Hi Miguel, Thanks for starting this disc…

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for starting this discussion. I think it is very important we take time and opportunity to discuss the current situation and what we are doing to help us get through it.

The situation is certainly presenting new ways to learn and work. I think coming from an online masters program we have a distinct advantage with our familiarity with learning technology and experience working and learning using online platforms and various learning technology. As has been said – it is our time to shine – and now is when we have the opportunity t lead by example and truly honour, by putting into practice, what we have learned through our studies. I think we are very well equipped to meet the challenges that are now presented to us. How can we help others embrace this new way of learning and interacting in a virtual capacity and context? Especially those who may not have the experience and comfort with working using online systems and platforms for interaction? I do have colleagues of have resisted getting involved with online mediums and platforms greatly and I worry about them going forward when they may have no choice but to use these methods for work and communication in the future. What are your thoughts?

In my context in the fitness industry where I work I am seeing a lot of colleagues taking their work online – doing Facebook Live workouts or holding Zoom calls or virtual conferences or summits to empower their followers and keep clients engaged and motivated. I’ll be filming some stuff and sharing it in the next couple of days for sure.