Hi Mobile Learning Team, Thanks for your…

Hi Mobile Learning Team,
Thanks for your great work for this week’s OER. Unfortunately, I am another person who refrains from having much an online presence. I used to be a heavy user of WeChat and did a lot of sharing with my friends. However, since I was forced to use WeChat to work, and I had to add a lot of contacts (colleagues/vendors/customers) as my WeChat friends, I immediately stopped to use WeChat as a social media platform (text messaging only). Personally, I don’t want to use my personal social media accounts to do work related things to blur the line between my personal and professional life.
Interactivities & feedback: 1. I googled my full name in both English and Chinese. Apart from some searching results with people who have the same name as me, these meaningful digital footprints are my LinkedIn profile and one of my essays that recorded in the Google Scholar database. 2. I am not a proponent of using general social media in K-12 education as I am prone to believe that the potential benefits cannot justify the possible risks as these social media is not designed for education purposes. Definitely, we should provide some guidance (as parents or educators) to help our kids use the social media properly, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to expose them to these environments before they become mentally mature enough to handle all these challenges brought by social media platforms. 3. When we talking about the education-related social networks/ventures, we expected to elaborate more about Quora, Piazza, GitHub or Brainly. There is even more broad selection for mobile learning. 4. It seems that most educators really don’t use LinkedIn very much as I found the varied typos from the OER and it was wrongly spelled as “LinedIn” or “LinkeIn”. 6. I am a little bit confused about the section “Free vs Paid”. First of all, I would not categorize text message into one of the social media; second, do we need to pay to use Facebook or Pinterest? Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks!