Hi Moumita! I enjoyed going through your…

Hi Moumita! I enjoyed going through your venture and I think the website is very succinct and to the point. The price point scenarios in flexible payment is particularly well done. I am not sure if start-ups are the correct target market to focus in on. Most start-ups are usually hard pressed for cash and may consist of just a core group of initial developers. I think if you were to shift the target market to small businesses looking to scale their operations it might be better suited because at that time, they have staffing and a team with which this training could be directed to. As a start-up, considering the business identity and core may be changing at a drastically high rate as the business is in its infancy so a developed curriculum may no longer be relevant unless your service provides an ongoing updating process. This would definitely allow for changes to be incorporated. When you mentioned the differentiation factor, you cited being based in Vancouver. I wonder if your clientele base would all have to be based on Vancouver if you are providing consulting services? That part was not quite clear to me as I believe a LMS based business should not be region specific. That being said, I think the venture pitch does a good job at conveying the ideas, proving a pain point and offering a solution.

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