Hi Noan. As others have mentioned, your…

Hi Noan. As others have mentioned, your elevator pitch was engaging and had me curious to find out more about your product. I have not used a lot of game based learning in my practice and am very interested in how it works. Your website is put together well and you have a great team behind the Gengine. I, too, think that you should probably ask for more money. After reading through the information, I have a good general idea what your product offers, but I have to admit that there are some aspects that aren’t clear to me. The core idea seems to be a platform for the company and ”freelance” teachers or other content authors to make GBL units for sale to teachers. I am wondering why an app is required for this – there exists sites such as https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/ that facilitate the sale/exchange of lessons and study units. There may be more of market for your product than I am estimating due to ignorance on my part.

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