(Feedback)Hi Ram, I am very familiar wit…

(Feedback)Hi Ram,
I am very familiar with the need for learning opportunities in rural communities as I worked in a northern isolated Inuit community last year to teach. It is a nice idea, but after experiencing life there, the internet is definitely not guaranteed and it is very expensive to get resources to a community, or students out of a community. I lived in a fly in community of 300 people. Internet was slow, and needed to be fixed often, but because of constant blizzards and northern conditions – we were often last on the list. I think this would be awesome, but there would need to be a lot of progress made in those communities for this to be feasible.
I would have liked to have had a link to your site you were showing in your videos so I could look closer at what you were displaying. I will admit it is hard to get past the voice used for the pitch, but I understand the predicament of not having access to your office!