Hi Randy – Wow! This is one of the most…

Hi Randy – Wow! This is one of the most ambitious pitches that I’ve seen in the forum. I admire your courage in pitching a venture with, in your words, “the current system” as its competition. I’m wondering, given the breadth of eSCiPi’s goals, if there would be a way to launch it in a staged manner. For example, it sounds as if eSCiPi will be housing and indexing both static content (curriculum materials, and student artifacts), as well as the social/communicative interactions that take place within the portal. Might there be a way of tackling one aspect and then the other? Alternately, perhaps start by focusing solely in certain disciplines (second language acquisition was a great example) and then scale up from there? I’m not sure how to comment from an investment perspective, given that your pitch seemed to refrain, in the end from a direct “ask”. Ultimately, eSCiPi would likely have a long and challenging path to success, but if it’s vision was ever realized you may finally pull education more fully into the new millenium.

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