Hi Rob, Your website was easy to navigat…

Hi Rob,
Your website was easy to navigate from start to finish in a very timely manner. It also offers potential investors a good view of one of teachers biggest pain points: the overload of possible solutions we are being offered on a daily basis. I think your plan to build an LMS that gives teachers the creative control to manage the apps they use is brilliant. I use Edsby as our school LMS, but it sits in the background for most of the day as I shift from learning app to storage app to email throughout the day. Although the LMS market is filled with well established companies, I think a smaller company in the start-up phase can be nimble and move quickly in new directions as it finds its niche. Dashboard sounds like the type of LMS that can adapt to the ever changing list of apps we want without trying to be the best email software or micro-learning site. I think your data management pain point was clearly set out at the start, but I din’t see a lot of solution to this problem in the Dashboard LMS outline. I think Dashboard should stick to the framework and allow the rest of the community to design and build the things that make your platform such a customizable LMS. As an EVA, I would recommend this investment.

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