Hi Robert, thanks for your pick in Found…

Hi Robert, thanks for your pick in Founders Parade. Friedman’s track record is quick impressive given his young age and minimal experience, which tells me he’s chalked full of natural talent and vision. Interestingly, over the last 10 to 15 years, many great success stories seem to have started in college dormitories, where students are able to aggregate collective talents. I think this a critical aspect of visioning (i.e. the anything is possible, and of course I can do it! perspective). Triple digit growth is impressive, and as an investor I’m not sure I’d want to rock the boat with management change ups, since the trajectory is impressive. However, UBER’s trajectory was impressive too, but too much so such that the growth simply could not (can not) be managed without proper infrastructure and growth-talent in place. I’d be keen to learn more about their pivots and value proposition re-vectoring…leading up to their current market offering. I’ll follow this company on a go forward.

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