Hi Rodney, As a language teacher your ve…

Hi Rodney,

As a language teacher your venture caught my interest, clever company name too! However, my interest was held because you made a compelling case for your venture.

I thought your video pitch was excellent, great tone, professional. It was very sales and marketing oriented, which got me hooked. I wonder though if for a venture pitch you should sell who ‘you’ are. An investor might want to get to know you, and trust your expertise that this venture will thrive.

Great introduction to the problem of F2F traditional classrooms not being natural language environments. I think your solution is really forward thinking and brings together tools that I also believe we will be seeing commercialized for language learning – VR, AI, speech recognition.

I must admit as a language instructor, I am becoming more and more cautious about behind the scenes ‘algorithms’, especially for learning. However, I think you provided an explanation for how adaptive scenarios will be created on data input. Going forward for institutional subscriptions it might be good to market how these behind the scenes decisions support spiralling language in different contexts.

Really liked how you set up the Investment and ROI section with projected forecasts of users. I don’t think you are far off either with your aggressive projections of subscriptions. I remember Live Mocha when it first started, they had incredible increases in membership, I believe the same for Duolingo and Buusu. If your product is liked, it will be liked in a big way amongst language learners. I did want to see in your comparison chart of your competitors, where Akwire fit in that chart, comparatively.

Great work Rodney!



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