Hi Rodney, first off… you have the exa…

Hi Rodney, first off… you have the exact voice needed to make these types of videos. I am impressed! Great graphic design skills as well… the look was very professional. 

As a venture, I really like that you have combined many of the emerging concepts that are coming to market these days. The use of VR and deep learning seems like something that will no doubt come around, and when it does there will be a short leap into creating something in the education market. The pitch you created showed a lot of potential, and made me want to read deeper into the venture pitch. 

Now, a couple thoughts came to mind as I read through your pitch. First off, this venture seemed like it was entering an area where competition was already fairly stiff. The established ones certainly did not have all the great features that Akwire would have, but from an investor standpoint I would be wary of going with a new venture in this field rather than a modification of one of the existing ventures. I would propose that for Akwire to fly, you could leverage a platform like Second Life (after all, one of their lead developers is on your team) and modify it to come to market faster. Many examples of GBL have done so, such as Minecraft EDU, Simcity EDU, and Kerbal Space Program EDU. I would suggest going on this route. 

Another thought was that perhaps a system like Busuu.com where you leverage language learners first language could help in creating a more authentic experience. Maybe part of Akwire would be to role play in the game, while another aspect is playing out the game? 

For these reasons, I would hesitate to invest in Akwire. That said, the presentation was top notch!

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