Hi Rose, I appreciate your IT’s Electri…

Hi Rose, I appreciate your IT’s Electric filament concept. I love makerspaces and 3D printing is such a novelty for schools and classrooms. I like that this adds a more creative an educational slant. Most of the 3D printing I have seen is an extension or novelty addition in education and not really a necessary component, in other words, fluff. This would extend the use and purpose of investing in these expensive tools. I did have to listen to your pitch twice to understand what you are selling. The average person may not know that the plastic that is used to create a 3D image is called a filament or that you are adding something not previously available for 3D printing. It is not clear that you are providing a product for an existing range of products, that you do not need to purchase new tools if you already have the 3D printing pen or a 3D printer. I would invest, just so I could try the filament out at our community makerspace, as our school will probably never have a 3D printer!

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