Hi rskukas, Good job on this presentatio…

Hi rskukas, Good job on this presentation; I appreciate your idea. The fact that you are targeting students, teacher, and parents is a good value proposition; otherwise you need to compete with those apps that are more for business use that you mentioned. The design of the app specifically for children’s productivity (considering their unique needs and tasks) is your differentiator. Normally I would be looking form more of a “to market” strategy, but you clearly identified you were looking for partner investors that can manage the rollout of the product. Your timeline seems a little tight, but if you get on it early, I think it is doable. I would recommend maintaining focus on your target user base instead of dividing your attention by including corporations, where there are already a number of tools being used. You may want to look a little closer at your competitive landscape, as there are many monitoring and parent control apps that have the ability that you describe. They may not be direct competitors in your market segment, but need to be considered when doing your competitive analysis that describes how you are different.

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