Hi Ryan, I enjoyed your pitch very much….

Hi Ryan, I enjoyed your pitch very much. The visuals were great and it wasn’t too text heavy. I have some notes on your venture though, that I hope can help if you are taking it to the next level. First, I think you have differentiated your product quite well. I particularly appreciate the emphasis on design thinking and the annual challenge and blog. Those are great features. For the design thinking though, you mention that students could use the kit to to design a solution to a problem related to water. It would be helpful if you included an example of what that might look like. Having little experience with the products in the kit, I am struggling to imagine it. Also, it would be nice to see examples of how this could look across different grades. The functionality of the challenges could be a big selling point to teachers that lack experience with teaching design thinking in the makerspace so I think it’s worth elaborating on. RE the kit itself, I right away wondered why the cedar box was important. Your kit is not related to woodworking in any way, and the handcrafted box seems like it necessarily adds cost to what is probably already a costly investment for schools. Also, consider dropping the whiteboards. Virtually every classroom already has multiple whiteboards. This is another item adding unnecessary costs. Where you might consider beefing up the kit is in the number of each item. If the kit is to be used by a class, will two of some items be enough? Will six (solar car, terrarium) sets be enough? For a class of 28, that’s almost five students in a group. Is that optimal? My experience with kits like this is that schools (not individual teachers) tend to purchase them and then teachers take turns using them. The kit itself has to be substantial enough that teachers don’t have management issues around giant teams and too little equipment. Also, could you offer regular things in subscription format to supplement the initial box (ongoing projects, new components, etc.)? You use the word subscription in your pitch, but I don’t see what that looks like. RE professional development etc: it would be nice to know more about this piece. Does it come at an additional cost? How much pro-d and class support comes with the kit? RE, your team: the information on you is helpful, but it would be good to know more about your team. Finally, RE cost and ask: there wasn’t specific info related to dollar costs of the item or the investment ask, so I can’t speak to it. Thanks for sharing your venture idea, Ryan. I believe it has a lot of potential. The differentiation you offer adds great value to the makerspace kit ideas already out there, and I hope that you plan to move this idea forward.

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