Hi Ryan, This is a very interesting vent…

Hi Ryan,
This is a very interesting venture and one that I can see myself wanting to get in on the ground floor.
Piggy-backing on the Open Education Movement is a great way to set your venture up for success. This is a movement that has seen a groundswell of support as the digital age continues to cause the earth to shift under the traditional publishing companies. Open Allies has positioned itself to be a major player as an educational consulting group in an area that has very serious growth potential. Not only that, by making your venture a not-for-profit, you target investment from large foundations looking to help develop an education model that shares a philosophy of openness over corporate greed. Your ASK is fair but could use a little clarification. I would target the funding on building algorithms that help Open Allies develop, find and organize the information they are looking for. I think you are right to offer perks and rewards to investors. This could include logo advertising on your products and promotion of foundations who become the main investors. I see Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation written all over this venture. Finally, I think your pitch was very clean and straightforward Ryan. You have a keen eye for design and this makes reading through your pitch an easy and enjoyable experience. Count me in!

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