Hi Sandy – Anything that can help to inc…

Hi Sandy – Anything that can help to increase literacy rates is sure to grab the attention of educators and, as such, potential investors. I really like your idea of extending the value of an existing literacy-related technology to fill a specific gap. Your infographic contrasting digital text vs. text on paper was a very effective means of conveying the anchoring facts around text-to-speech as a concept. One detail of your pitch that is very interesting, but does not come across in the early part of your materials is that your proposed app would represent the only means to-date, for iOS users to gain mobile access to the Kurzweil technology. I found this information really helpful to framing my understanding of your product, but didn’t stumble across it until the latter half of the pitch. You are clearly very knowledgeable about this product and its context, but I wondered if your venture might include other champions or team members and what their profiles might be. My two other key questions were: What are your marketing plans for the product (integrated into larger Kurzweil promotion perhaps?) – and – How do your revenue projections translate into return for investors? More information on these questions would help to support a confident decision to invest in this worthwhile product.

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