Hi Sarah, A very interesting concept beh…

Hi Sarah,
A very interesting concept behind this venture, to be sure. At my school, we’ve been talking quite a lot recently about neuroplasticity and how cognitive therapies can, quite literally, change the brain. The science behind it is over my head, but I find your idea of using software to help diagnose and treat LD early on in students’ educational careers to be intriguing, and the fact that you’ve partnered up with McGill University certainly adds credibility to the proposal. Although thorough, your pitches were a bit heavy on text — a bit overwhelming to follow. And, while I know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, I do think that being able to actually see you, even just briefly, would have contributed to the credibility of the product and the sincerity of the product’s aim. Otherwise, I think you managed to very clearly articulate the problem EduArrow will “solve”, and identify exactly how you’re cornering this niche market. As far as investing in this venture, I (and my advisors) would need to further examine existing research results before making an investment decision.

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