REVIEW: Hi Scott, I really enjoyed your…

REVIEW: Hi Scott,
I really enjoyed your both your elevator pitch and venture pitch.
I thought your elevator pitch was concise and as a potential investor, I had a clear understanding of the problem you saw in the market and how your product helps to solve the problem in addition to what value your product brings to the table.
Looking at your venture pitch, I think we had similar ideas in terms of creating curated repositories of information already available on the web. Your product adds an additional component of artificial intelligence to help refine the recommended videos presented. Your business acumen is apparent as you outline how your product will be marketed and provide case studies to that the investor can really understand how your product fits into the existing market. I also liked how you understand that you are looking for “smart” money and that you acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. Entrepreneurs that acknowledge the help that they may need are ones that I would look more favorably upon.  All in all, a very well done presentation. Congratulations.  I would invest in this enterprise!
Christopher Wong