Hi Scott. Where can I sign up!! (as inve…

Hi Scott. Where can I sign up!! (as investor, that is). You’ve outlined a compelling value proposition in Step-by-Step with well articulated problem and solution identification. Also, provided a product demo. And, you’ve outlined the team and skills/talent mix and fit, given thought and explanation to the competitive landscape, pricing and path to profit. This is not your first rodeo!! I liked the information and flow, and have a clear understanding of the venture. Though, I would like to have more information beyond just the competitors, and specifically, more detail into Step-by-Step’s differentiators. Anytime Google is in the same space, the plan has to consider what an exit might look like (with Google, for instance), otherwise the venture is at risk of becoming irrelevant. However, given that one of the team members is from Google, I suspect these points have been discussed. You identify the why, why, how. The only negative I see is the executive summary style of presentation versus succinct presentation of critical points, bulleted where necessary. This could be a stylistic thing but I know from experience, for instance at Banff Venture Forum, they are ruthless with keeping time on the clock, and if you exceed the time limit (10 mins), too bad, so sad! You are abruptly called off the presentation forum. In any case, this isn’t BVF, and I like this opportunity! With thanks.

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