Hi Stefan, Interesting idea. I think you…

Hi Stefan,
Interesting idea. I think you did a good job at identifying a pain point. It is often challenging to find quality videos on YouTube. With that said I think your venture faces a big challenge – 60 hours of content uploaded every minute. It would be nearly impossible to keep up with that quantity on content creation. I worry not being able to cover the vast amount of content may make this service unappealing to some end users. As an investor I see the potential and think your pricing model makes sense – I’m just unsure how you will convince people to subscribe. Perhaps if you not only verify content but formulate targeted playlists based on the valuable content. I.e. I teach art and want quality videos I can share with a class, if I subscribe to you I have access to a channel of high-quality verified videos with new content regularly being added. I think I would need to see proof of concept before investing.

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