Hi Stephanie. Thank you for a detailed v…

Hi Stephanie. Thank you for a detailed venture pitch that brought a personal and clear direction about the purpose. Your main reason for the app is to address the changing need of future employees ‘millennial’ in favouring professional development vs financial incentives. This is a concept that is probably harder to sell investors, understanding of a different generation. Your venture may benefit from showing research or examples of how this generation is different from current or past employees. The differentiation would better justify the need for such a product. I do appreciate the analysis and comparison of current competitors. Learngevity has the main features but is continuously updating to meet the technological changes. Incorporating social media and a peer-tracking/competition incentive similar to fit bits. The product is ready to launch, but how will it evolve in the next 5-10 years. Expand beyond financial sectors? I would be interested in learning more about this ventures plans and confidently invest in its future.

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