Hi Stephanie, This was a very easy pitch…

Hi Stephanie,
This was a very easy pitch to take in. I really loved the way you set things up structurally, and the software you used to create this animation. (what is the software called by the way?). I think you are right to target millennial desire to stay ahead of the curve through continually updating their skill set. Learngevity’s biggest asset in my mind is its ability to track all types of learning from Linked-In discussion to a Code Academy course on Javascript. By allowing employers the chance to reward employees for this type of learning, you have created an environment that makes learning much more palatable. Add the fact that learning is less structured and this will increase the passion an employee has for learning a new skill.
Soft-skills have also become a big priority for large corporations and I think this is a great combination for micro-learning in your app. I would let Coursera and Lynda tackle the heavier coursework and keep the learning you are offering to something lighter. Great look at the current competition and observation that so many companies need to rebuild their learning structure in the new economy. Excellent list of TEAM players in the finance industry. You have created a well organized pitch with a visual nature that helps investors feel confident in your ability to keep customers hooked on learning using Learngevity.

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